Top 5 Reasons Why Your Home May Not Sell

1. Unclear understanding of the market

Selling a home starts with a solid understanding of the real estate market. If you’re trying to avoid having your house sit on the market, a deep dive into the sales data is important. Typically people only move a few times in their lifetime. They lack experience and current knowledge of the real estate market. We like to properly educate our sellers with as much data as we possibly can before we hit the market.

2. The Price Isn’t Right 

If not priced properly your home will be passed over several times online and in person, this is stressful and it forces you to leave the comfort of your own home for showings that will produce no offers. Overpriced houses often languish on the market, making them even more difficult to sell. It’s not always about the location and the going rate for your home’s features. A perceived flaw, such as an outdated kitchen or limited closet space, can also give buyers the impression that you’re asking too much. This is why it's important to hire a professional that will help you address these issues in the most economical way possible before hitting the market.

3. The Home Wasn’t Prepared Properly To Sell 

Most houses are not prepared properly before they have pictures and tours taken. We like to make sure each one of our listings are perfect before our photographer sets foot on the property. You only get one opportunity for a first impression! That first impression is made online while people look at your ad. Next, your home should be spotless. Since we know life gets busy this is something we take care of with a professional house detailing service and professional window cleaning company. Spending a couple of weeks preparing your home can save you months of being listed on the market. You’ll also get top dollar for all the hard work!


4. Low-Quality Marketing Materials 

The very first step to selling is attracting buyers. Whether you’re creating an online listing, a social media ad, or a brochure, you want your home to seem enticing. The images you use need to be taken and edited by a professional so they are clear and well lit. When using video, it should look professionally finished. Finally, any descriptions of your property should be concise and engaging. Look at your marketing materials through the eyes of someone who’s never seen your house before. If they don’t make you want to pick up the phone and set up a viewing, you might want to rethink them. With all the bad photos on MLS I feel like most people don't even look at their own listing after hiring an agent. We guarantee your home will look as good as it possibly can in person and in all our marketing materials.

5. Targeting The Wrong Buyers 

Who are your most likely buyers? Not knowing the answer could be a huge negative while trying to properly market your home. If you’re trying to sell a starter home, don’t focus on high-income buyers. If it’s just right for active families, don’t waste time trying to entice mature buyers who may be looking to downsize. It’s just that simple. You should spend most of your selling efforts on people who want a house just like yours. Identifying likely buyers leads to more focused marketing and pricing strategies. This is why our targeted online ads through Facebook and Instagram are so effective. With our experience, it's easy to see who is most likely a good fit for your home and with that knowledge, we can target that demographic with our ads to get maximum exposure to the right people.