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MoveSnap is an exclusive concierge service that is free for our clients, courtesy of The Hinchey Homes Team. It’s an online application that helps simplify the entire process of relocation. When we invite you to MoveSnap, you get a custom-tailored moving plan that clearly outlines all the tasks you need to complete in preparation for your move and when and how to best complete them. MoveSnap supports every common task that’s typically required for a residential move. From updating addresses and ID cards to moving utilities, to packing, they’ve got nearly every task and all the information needed to complete it, in their app.


Real Estate Reality Check - 10 Point Self Assessment


Whether you’re buying or selling a home, a realistic view of pricing, neighbourhoods and homes is essential. Your peace of mind and a successful transaction depend on it.


  1. Curb Appeal
    •  Does the property have comparable favorably with others on the street?
    • Is it attractive, well-maintained and landscaped?
  2. First Impression
    • Does the floor plan suit your needs?
    • Do you feel comfortable in the space?
  3. Kitchens & Baths
    •  Are they modern and up-to-date?
    • How old are the appliances?
  4. Living, Dining and Family Rooms
    • Are the layouts, size and features suitable for you?
  5. Master Bedroom
    • Is there sufficient closet space?
    • Is there an ensuite, and if so, how many pieces?
  6. Special Features
    • Are special features in the house important to you? (fireplaces, backyard, rec room, finished basement, laundry, pool, etc)
  7. Overall Condition
    • Is the home move-in-ready?
    • Is it free of clutter?
  8. Competitive Ranking
    • How do price and location compare against other houses on the market?
  9. Special Challenges
    • Are there issues with chattels, move-in-availability, home inspections, etc…?
  10. Your Agent
    • Buying or selling a home is probably the largest single transaction you’ll undertake: do your homework and choose The Hinchey Homes Team who will represent you professionally and achieve your desired outcome.