Our Listing Process



According to the National Association of REALTORS®, staged homes sell 49% faster and for 7-11% more money. In fact, you can expect nearly half (49%) of the buyers to be positively impacted by the look and condition of your home when it is staged. Research also shows that only 8% of buyers can picture the potential of a space if not presented with a great solution. This is why we provide a professional and comprehensive home staging and design service for every listing offering a range of services with varying degrees of involvement, from the initial consultation to complete top-to-bottom redecoration. Our stager’s collection of furnishings, and accessories coupled with their expertise in the “art of appeal” enable us to create inspiring interiors that can bring even the most boring room to life.

Professional House Detailing

While selling your home, there are going to be several duties that’ll you need to do in anticipation of selling, if you want top dollar. We can almost guarantee you will not have the time or energy to clean your house to the level of detail we find acceptable for potential buyers. While you’re in the process of selling, having a flawlessly clean home is one of the most appealing things to potential buyers. Whether a private showing or an open house, prospective buyers are going to be walking through your halls, making decisions based on how everything looks, feels and smells. That is why we include a professional full-service cleaning company to deep clean your home.

Window Cleaning

Having clean windows is something that often gets overlooked while selling a home. Time and time again, we notice our clients looking out dirty windows while trying to view various surroundings like the neighbourhood and the backyard while out viewing homes. We have witnessed people focus more on the filthy windows then the beautiful views and features around them. Brighter homes sell faster and for more money, having clean windows helps the sunshine in unobstructed, which is why for each of our listings we hire our trusted window cleaner!


Matterport software enables anyone to view a 3D model of a real -world space. This platform generates 3D data from our 360° cameras by taking multiple 20-second pictures information is analyzed and put together to create a virtual 3D rendering of your home.
Through using the latest technology of Matterport we are able to cut down showings by 30%. Which means this tool helps divide true potential prospects from casual lookers. As the people who have used Matterport to previously and essentially ‘walk through’ your home, when they book a showing, you know they mean business. Resulting in you not having to leave your home for useless showings.


MoveSnap is an exclusive concierge service that is free for our clients, courtesy of The Hinchey Homes Team. It’s an online application that helps simplify the entire process of relocation. When we invite you to MoveSnap, you get a custom-tailored moving plan that clearly outlines all the tasks you need to complete in preparation for your move and when and how to best complete them. MoveSnap supports every common task that’s typically required for a residential move. From updating addresses and ID cards to moving utilities, to packing, they’ve got nearly every task and all the information needed to complete it, in their app.

Facebook Advertising

We can customize each individual ad to meet the needs of the property we are trying to sell. We routinely hit 20,000 people per week between Facebook and Instagram per ad which is 19,700 more people than the average listing posted on realtor.ca. These 20,000 people are not just random people or children on their Facebook accounts. They must meet a certain criteria (ie: area, age, gender, profession interests, online behaviour etc...) that we select. Approximately 60% of our listings sell as a direct result of our online marketing with Facebook and Instagram. Half of these we sell ourselves saving our clients some commission and a ton of stress and hassle along the way.