Our Team

It's an all-hands-on-deck mentality under the Hinchey Homes roof, and they prefer it this way. Every one of their clients deserves a team that is a constant resource during the buying and selling process. Our team of four agents
offers full-time real estate services on a
scale that is bigger than ever, with client
care that is off the charts.

Shawn Hinchey


Laura Hinchey

Sales Representative


Benjamin Hinchey

Sales Representative

Hinchey Homes Team Production Facts

Experience matters when it comes to buying and selling real estate. By constantly being involved in the buying and selling process it's much easier to have a firm grasp of market conditions and values. At the Hinchey Homes Team, we sell more than a house a week so we are consistently immersed in the market and in tune with even it's most subtle changes throughout the year.
There is a high chance of hiring someone who may lack experience and market knowledge. Based on my personal experience, an agent needs to sell at least two homes a month to be properly informed on market conditions and successful strategies for listings and negotiations. That kind of experience is hard to find!

In 2020, before bidding wars were prevalent, on average, a home would be listed on the market for 28 days before it would sell. Our running average was 11 days before our listing sold.

This stat comes from the balanced market we faced in 2019. This clearly demonstrates our superior negotiating skills since we have no control over another agent's strategies or list prices. These skills can only be acquired with production experience. Years of service are meaningless if your production is poor.

Buyers that worked with us purchased homes on average at 97.2% of list price. Homes in our area sold at 98.6% of list price. Which means, after negotiations, our buyers paid 1.4% or $9,377.51 less (based on our average sale amount) for their homes over working with an average agent.
Statistical Data Source: RE Durham 2019/2020
Every seller has an individual relationship with his or her home. Your home may be a statement of your personality and embody your life, aspirations, and memories. Amid excitement for the future, there will always be a touch of nostalgia and warm recollections, together with feelings of connection and attachment.

Your satisfaction and happiness is something that is very important to us. We understand how hectic and stressful it can be to sell a house and it can be even more difficult if it’s not handled properly. To help you through the entire process, we have an excellent listing process to sell your home in a cinch!